Kayla’s Music Studio offers quality piano instruction for students of all ages and levels of advancement. Through a combination of private lessons, computer work, group performance lessons, enrichment classes, studio recitals, masterclasses and participation in state and national piano adjudications, students receive specialized training in such things as performance, sight reading, theory & technique, harmonization, ear training, transposition, improvisation, music history & ensemble work.871218_6a00fd1af0fa4420b8f9c6eb695af50b

Private Lesson

During the private lesson, the teacher will concentrate on specific musical needs in order to achieve individual advancement. Wide ranges of music repertoire in all genres as well as technical studies are carefully selected to match the needs and strengths of each student. Individual lessons are scheduled in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions once per week or two 30 minute sessions per week for young beginners.

Piano Class

Piano classes are held intermittently throughout the year. Group lessons may occasionally replace private lessons for week they are held. The group activites cover many aspects of music study that private lesson time does not always allow for or that can be learned more easily in a group setting. Attendance is very important. Teacher must be notified if the student is unable to attend the scheduled group lesson.

Computer Lab

Supplemental theory is taught through the use of several outstanding music theory software programs. Because music theory is so valuable, students should spend 15-20 minutes per week in computer lab or doing online theory.  This may be scheduled into each students’ private lesson time.

Summer Lessons

During the summer months of July & August, all returning students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least a minimum course of study. Summer lessons provide opportunities for students to explore a variety of musical goals without the pressures of school activities and homework. Students may use this time to pursue individual interests such as ensemble playing, pop music, jazz or composition. Students may also choose to select music and begin preparing for the upcoming year’s events.


Practice Suggestions

Satisfactory progress in music depends upon regular practice at home and the attitude and effort that are put into it.
The teacher will write out a lesson assignment which is to be practiced daily. The goal is to learn to play a piece of music from beginning to end without hesitations or mistakes, and with musical expression.
It is suggested to go over the entire lesson plan immediately following the lesson, if possible. This ensures that the knowledge acquired during the lesson is not forgotten.

Practice Guidelines

The following are suggested guidelines for steady progress;
1-4 grades:                   15-30 minutes daily
5-8 grades:                   30-50 minutes daily
9-10 grades:                 50-75 minutes dail
11-12 grades:               75-90 minutes daily
 For optimal progress, students should practice 4-6 days per week.

Studio Incentives

Students must work very hard and make many sacrifices in order to learn to play the piano well and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. The studio offers many practice and performance incentives with prizes for students to earn which include ribbons, trophies, composer statues, treats, etc. Consistent practice & commitment to learning are extremely important for success.

Adult Piano Instruction

Remember, you’re NEVER too old to learn! Music can enrich your life at ANY age!
So many adults have said to me, “I wish my parents would never have let me quit taking piano lessons when I was young”. So what’s stopping you now? If you desire to learn to play the piano, LEARN!
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. It is my experience that most adults learn every bit as fast and sometimes even faster than my younger students.
Adult students who wish to study piano full time (every week) will follow the same tuition payment plan set forth. Adult students may also opt for “part-time” status and have a lesson every other week. Adults will have the opportunity to perform in the studio recitals and National Guild Adjudications if desired.

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