Performance Opportunities

All students are encouraged to participate in scheduled performance classes, studio recitals, community service events and, when recommended, adjudications. Select students may also have the opportunity to perform in competitive events. Recitals and adjudications serve the purpose of providing students with goals to work towards. The incentive of a performance will often stimulate and motivate a student as well as give them a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.


Studio Recitals

There are usually three- four studio recitals held per year.  The last recital of the year is the “Awards Recital” in which various awards, ribbons, trophies, etc. are presented to outstanding students.

WSMTA Adjudications

Washington State Music Teachers Association sponsors this educational event which is usually sometime in February or March. Each student performs two memorized pieces of contrasting styles for a qualified adjudicator who will give them a personal review which includes oral comments, a written evaluation and a certificate of participation.


National Guild Adjudications

Held in May or early June, students perform between 2-20 pieces for an adjudicator and receive a “report card” and rating. They are tested on many things including technic and musicianship. Through this wonderful program, students can earn awards, pins, scholarships and national recognition.

Recital Etiquette

Students are expected to observe proper performance and audience etiquette. For all performances, please arrive 10 minutes early and plan to stay for the entire program. If you absolutely must leave before the end of a recital, please let the teacher know well in advance, sit near the exit, and wait for a performer to finish before leaving.
Please understand that ANY noise is a distraction to the performer. Since the performing students have worked very hard to prepare their pieces, I must ask that babies and young children unable to sit quietly for a full hour not attend. Also, no talking, whispering or getting up during a performance. Performing students should dress in appropriate attire. No tennis shoes, blue jeans, tee shirts, short skirts, etc.

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